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All potential squad members are classed by their set of abilities. The list of classes is as follows:

Icon Title Description
Assault Assault troops are powerful, mobile soldiers used for closer and short-range combat. They also provide good defense.
Icon Heavy.png
Heavy Heavy troops provide more firepower and can therefore deliver more damage. They carry LMGs and Rocket Launchers. Though their weapons pack a good punch, they have limited reloads.
Icon Sniper.png
Sniper Sniper troops are chiefly used for long range, targeted assaults and reconnaissance duties.
Support Support troops are multi-purpose units used in a variety of roles, including scouting, as field medics, sentries and other support roles.
Psionic Psionic troops only become available later in the game, once troops have been tested for the ability. They can influence the enemy telepathically through panic and can sometimes control them.